Interior Design – phases for implementation

Prior consultation. The aim here is achieving mutual understanding between client and designer and to specify the volume of the design project workload and demands of the job.

Filming of the site and / or review of drawings and sketches provided by the client.

Creating an offer to design the project which will include all the phases that are going to be included in the service, and the pricing of the each design phase.

Preliminary research – collecting ideas for different styles and color combinations.

Conceptual design

The first step of the project is taking all necessary dimensions of the relevant premises, with all architectural and constructional features.

Functional zoning or variable solutions for functional and compositional placement of the interior elements. Processing of existing walls if necessary. Creation of additional barriers.

Overall concept for the solution on the interior. It will be presented a conceptual design for shaping the floor, walls and ceiling of the premises. Selection of colors, materials, textures. Location and type of lighting fixtures, consistent with the overall spatial layout. Decorative solutions, panels and plastic items.

3D visualization is meant to illustrate ideas for furnishing and show the final result in the combination of colors and materials selected for this purpose. We are able to provide you a better idea of the final product with the most complete authenticity.

Work drawing

The first step involves creating a work drawing containing distribution of all interior elements, furniture, numbered and described in the specification. Flooring – includes a work drawing of all surfaces in the facility under a project to clarify the mode of operation, materials and their quantities. Electrical installation and soffits – includes a work drawing of all circles of the electrical network and power supply. Soffits includes a work drawing of all the ceilings of the facility under a project to clarify the mode of operation, materials and their quantities. Flat pattering of the walls – drawing with the main and additional treatments  of the(materials and colors) walls, decorative items, furniture and all other elements of the interior.


Furniture design and creation

If you cannot find in the stores the right furniture for you, we can create and develop an individual project and calculation for your desired furniture. We can make you unique furniture for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, vestibule or your restaurant, bar or hotel.

Author supervision

If you want the created from us project to have a maximum match to the realized project, you will need author supervision. Author supervision consists of:

– live consultation on the project spot with service man or companies which will perform the realization of the project before the implementation starts.
– consultation with the service man or companies in the course of implementation when problems arise, when you need further information or advice.

– live author preview on the project spot for monitoring if the realization is on course and follows the technical documentation.